Best Thai Near Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

  • Thai Garden Village
    4.0 (1 review)

    “This is not really a authentic Thai restaurant but I think is more of a fusion style Thai as they...” more

  • Little Thai
    5.0 (1 review)

    “Little Thai is truly one of KL's best kept secrets. Nestled under the highway near the intersection...” more

  • Malai Thai Cuisine
    4.8 (4 reviews)

    “The best Thai restaurant in KL? Extensive menu of familiar and exotic Thai dishes, which won an...” more

  • Ahroy Thai Cuisine
    4.0 (3 reviews)

    “What makes Ah Roy Thai Tomyam soup unique from the others is the perfect balance between sour and...” more

  • Imperial Chakri Palace
    3.8 (5 reviews)

    “Highly recommend you visit this place when hungry and looking for great Thai food in a beautiful...” more

  • Awet Thai Seafood
    4.7 (13 reviews)

    “Great place to go for Thai Barbecue and seafood cooked Thai style. It's got great ambiance and ample...” more

  • Neo Tamarind
    4.5 (2 reviews)

    “Neo Tamarind has established itself as a swanky hotspot venue that offers Thai fusion delights...” more

  • Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine

    “They offer one of the best Thai cuisines here in Pavilion Mall and you may be surprised to find out...” more

  • Aroy Nae Non
    3.0 (1 review)

    “They serve authentic Thai food, and no surprise when you find the staffs can't speak fluent...” more

  • Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant
    3.3 (3 reviews)

    “beautifully crafted desserts- mainly try the water chestnut RM 10.90 and Thai pumpkin Custard...” more

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